PuppyCam drinking game:

1. Choose your pup.

Autumn (Purple collar)
Ayumi (Yellow collar)
Amaya (Red collar)
Aki (Green collar)
Akoni (Black collar)
Ando (Blue collar)

2. When your pup plays with the fish/pumpkin toy, +1 shot.

3. If your pup plays with another pup, you and that pup’s player must shotgun a beer.

4. One ounce of beer for every minute your pup naps in a curled-up position.

5. Puppy Pile = CHUG!

6. If your pup is the last one to join the Puppy Pile, +1 shot.

7. +1 shot if all the puppies leave the kennel.

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, Ustream.TV.